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I'm new to this forum and am hoping that someone can shed some light into new grad program at Sunrise or Valley hospital. I just graduated this past May 2011 and have found work just recently as an... Read More

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    Anyone apply to Valley hospital Spring valley? Anyone have to take the NCB test. Nurse career battery test. What is the test like? Any math? Drugs? etc. Please be specific on what areas one may be prepared. Thanks.

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    The NCB test is more like a personality test. There's no right or wrong answer. You just answer based on what your belief is to patient care, customer service, work ethics, etc. They're looking for a good match. It's a pass or fail. If you fail, you don't move forward to an interview and you cannot apply to any hospitals of Valley health system for 6 months.
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    Has anyone heard back regarding the MountainView new grad positions? Also, did anyone else apply to the St. Rose versant program?
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    I applied to St. Rose but didn't get in That's the only new grad position I've found so far...
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    Hello.. pls pls pls you guys, can you pls pls pls help me and answer my queries pls. thank thanks..

    Coz, I have applied for sunrise online for their RN positions, and Im a new grad. The positions posted doesn't say New grad program, it just doesn't have an experience requirement, so I suppose they are. This post has been for a year already, so how long did you guys waited before hearing something from them, like an interview or of the like?? pls pls help.

    I also attached my 1 page resume on my online application and thats it. I didn't upload a cover letter.. Is that ok? or should I add a cover letter? what did you guys do in order to land an interview with them. I really want to start working in a hospital. Any advice will do. thanks a lot lot lot
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    In my experience with Sunrise hospital, I got a response from a nurse recruiter soon. It's about 4 days after I turned my application.

    If you are under consideration, they going to send you some questions regarding communication skills and your critical thinking.

    I had an interview with a unit manager but I did not get a position. It took two days whether or not I was chosen.

    Anyway, good luck with your job searching.
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    Wow thanks for ur reply.. very great help.. its been 3 days already.. I hope I'm still being considered.. btw, mind to tell me what qs were asked about d communication skills, etc? hehe. Thanks
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    Hi all did any of you get position at sunrise hospital Nevada and what questions in general they asked. please let me know. appreciate it all your advise.
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    Hi! I'm a newly licensed nurse and I have no experience at all, maybe just my student clinical exp, I tried applying in hospitals but they've got some qualifications I do not meet but still applied anyway. I've been through many sites and found out that there's no new grad program in Vegas hospitals so far. If you have any idea where nonexperienced RNs like me can start working, it will be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Does anyone know when applications for the new grad program go up?

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