Nevada State College - Fall 2013

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    Hi everyone!!

    I am currently in the process of applying for the nursing program at NSC for the upcoming fall semester. Is anyone else applying? I'm so nervous and ANXIOUS!!!

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    Hello, i am planning to apply for the nursing program at nsc this coming spring 2014. I applied at unlv 3 times and the competition is pretty fierce! Im transferring over to nsc and planning to see an advisor soon, i havent taken any TEAS test yet and a bit nervous .. I have all pre reqs done but i need to take a pathophysiology class for nsc still since its needed... Im also hoping that my chem class from unlv will transfer over that compensates for chem 110,111. Any one applying ?? How is the acceptance rate at nsc for nursing?
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    I also just transferred over from UNLV. You are not kidding when you say the competition is FIERCE! I applied three times at UNLV when I finally decided it's time to give it up there haha. I'm hoping to get into NSC's program for Spring 2014.
    Have you taken your TEAS yet? I take mine next week. I'm so nervous!
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    You need at least a 3.7 or higher if you want a guaranteed spot in the nursing program. 3.6 if you want to have a good chance. My advice would be to take the TEAS test twice. You wanna shoot for a higher TEAS score, but if you get a low score you'll get in with a very high GPA.

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