Nevada Nursing School First-Time NCLEX Pass Rates Average 2000-2005 - page 2

Was doing some quick research on the nursing schools in nevada and how they fared on the first time NCLEX pass rates. ------ 00-01 -01-02 --02-03 --03-04 -04-05 -05-06 - Average... Read More

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    Check your private message bolt. my email is in it.

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    i know this is an old thread....but just incase someone comes into this thread and is interested in the csn pn program....i graduated in may 2010 and took my nclex......passed......out of a class of about 32 only one person failed....our instructors tests were harder than the nclex we were well prepared...
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    If you can past ----'s exams in the 4th semester of can pass NCLEX LOL
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