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Has anyone heard about national univ.? What is their reputation? They offer ASN courses for 23 months. I want to ask if it would just be advisable to go to CSN (even though their program is... Read More

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    Quote from cto9120
    they're website is The Henderson facility offers ASN courses. The address is 2850 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway
    Suite 301, Henderson,NV 89052
    Tel (702) 531-7800
    Is anyone currently in the ASN program and do you like it?
    Does anyone know how many times they allow you to take the TEAS exam within a year?

    Any response is appreciated...thank you!

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    You can take the TEAS test only every 6 months. A couple of friends from A&P and Micro did not pass the first time around so they tried to take it at NSU to qualify for spring semester at CSN but they will not accept the results any earlier than the 6 month waiting period. So, be sure you are ready, take it early, it is not hard. I took it early to avoid the pressure of performance and passed on the first try, but I had time to repeat if nec for the semester I wanted to enter school.
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    Does that TEAS rule apply to National University also?
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    IDK if they have the same rule. It is an easy test. It is basic knowledge in all subject areas. I think most people just struggle in one area or another. So what ever your weakness, study and be confident when you go in and you will do fine. No worries.
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    Thank you for your response :wink2:
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    Quote from RedGyal
    Does anyone know how much the BSN program at National University-Los Angeles campus cost. Also do they give credit if your an LVN? any replies would be appreciated.
    Hi I'm thinking of applying to this same campus, did u find out how much it cost all in all. Hank u for year response in advance.
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    the cost of bsn rn at nu is around 50k. it is a good school accredited and the guidelines come from san diego. no problems having clinical sites. i am almost done!!!
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    I just graduated from National University in May 2010. My cohort was the second graduating class from this new nursing program. I had all of my prereq's completed when I began there and it took 15 months to earn my Associate's RN degree. I took the NCLEX the same week that I got my "Authorization to Test". I passed on the first attempt. I had a great experience at this school and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in an accelerated nursing program. The small class sizes were great. The instructors make themselves available to you whenever asked and the schedule was not bad at all! I enjoyed it from beginning to end! Good luck!
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    C. GalanteRN,

    I am currently taking pre-recs at National and debating whether it is the "right" school. I am concerned about the schools reputation and if an employer will recognize and respect the degree. Can you give any advice?
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    this school is not accredited. they have low passing at NCLEX. faculties are liars and not supportive. very expensive but limited support for student. accelerated but 4 hour lecture once a week, way too much. they always change policies. they are in lawsuits from students.

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