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Moving to Nevada

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    I am an RN from New Jersey and am planning to move to Henderson in a few months. I am a bit confused about the process of what to do to change my license over to a Nevada license.
    I would appreciate any help.... Thankyou
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    You apply for licensure by endorsement on the Nevada Board of Nursing website, follow instructions from the website. That's what you do in any state you want to get a license in, apply for licensure by endorsement, follow the instructions in the applications. Hope that helps,
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    Thanks Jzz for the reply ... I downloaded the application form from the site.
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    Good Luck Iris34, I am also from NJ and I am planning on moving out there in about 2 yrs, kids finishing high school. I would love to have a contact out there, if you want to send me a private message we could exchange email addresses. I am going out next month to check out housing, neighborhoods, etc. I have visited many times and have been waiting for the right time to make the move, I hear jobs are hard to come by right now.
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    this is funny- I am also from New Jersey, I lived in Henderson last december-may, moved to philadelphia for an accelerated nursing program- and might move back to the las vegas area after I graduate in may 2010 if I can find a new grad job! anyone know when any hospitals in the area are hiring new grad nurses??
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    I was informed yesterday from the career center at Sunrsie that HCA hospitals are not hiring any new grads. The job market is horrible for new grad nurses right now.

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