Loyal Source Givernment Staffing

  1. It's a company based in Florida and have contacts me about a job on Nellis AFB. They say they hold exclusive contract with military staffing. Anyone hear of this company or been employed by them? Just trying to do some research and not turning much up. Thanks!
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  3. by   michelleisalpn
    i work for loyal source right now with nellis afb icu as a lpn.....they are great to work for....this is their first military medical contract...so you will not find alot about them.
  4. by   skayes
    I posted this one a long time ago. I was so unsure! Anyway, I took the job. Work on labor and delivery! How's it in ICU?
  5. by   michelleisalpn
    icu is great....not as busy since most of the VA patients are going to the new hospital...lolol
  6. by   Cammack, RN
    I accidentally came across this thread and I got excited!!! I recently left my position for the Army. I absolutely miss it. With the hiring freeze/Furloughs its impossible to get hired back on. I've been searching for agencies that staff government clinics/hospitals.

    I looked on the website, but not much info available. How long are your contracts? Pay? Experience based/verses the position you accepted? Does it seem to be easy to get direct hired permanent now that you are their working the floor?

    Any info would be great!!!!

  7. by   michelleisalpn
    fax a resume to 7023830807 -------------------- is the contract representative here at nellis afb... .....the contracts are one year long and can be renewed..... they are also looking for lpn if you know of any...

    best wishes

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  8. by   michelleisalpn
    the pay varies on experience......you have to have at least one year experience as a nurse
  9. by   Cammack, RN
    Awesome! Thank you! Do you have to have a license in that state or since its a federal facility you can be licensed in any state?
  10. by   michelleisalpn
    you can have a license in any state from what i understand....contact ----------------...she will tell you more...best wishes..
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  11. by   skayes
    Hey Michelle! I just came back to this feed..completely forgot that I wrote it... Are you still working for LSGS at Nellis??