Las Vegas LVN/LPN's ?

  1. Do LPN's have many jobs out there? Is it mostly LTC? I'm a current LVN student here in CA, and am thinking of moving to Vegas with family, while going for my LVN-RN.

    Does CSN have a LVN-RN program? What other schools have a bridge to RN ?
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  3. by   Codeda
    I'm going to piggy back on your thread and hope we can get an answer about LPNs out there and jobs. I pretty much grew up in Vegas ( summers anyway) and half of my family lives out there and was thinking of moving there( looking at a few other states also). Don't want to go if there aren't any jobs or anything though. Also last I checked csn does have an LPN to RN bridge but I don't know about any other schools.
  4. by   mickeymouse1205
    I am an LPN in Las Vegas I went to school in MA graduated in 1997. I have been here in Vegas since 2003.Ahead is my opinion. I have worked LTC here is it AWFUL. The first place I worked I was doing a routine orientation and count was incorrect It was liquid Mophine off oh about 10cc's which is alot, liquids are hard to count,and sometimes can be a tiny bit off like less than a .25cc but not 10, anyway they thought there was not a problem with this, I went to the DON, the ADON and so on, I refused to accept the keys and out the door I went. Their reaction, they blackballed me, BTW I am NOT the only nurse this has happened to out here.
    You can get hired as an LPN in alot of settings here, corrections, homecare, md offices, insurance cos etc. I prefer homecare because I'm basically dealing with myself and just one or 2 other nurses. I will STRESS that Las Vegas is the only place in America that is in a nursing shortage and acts like they are not. Even way before the economy tanked it was like this, I guess because it is a very transitional place, but you can apply somewhere and they will call you 2 months later for an interview. Alot of the new grads especially RN new grad think its JUST because they are new,no it happens to seasoned nurses all the time also. Basically here you have go to know someone to get you in, if you really search these threads you will see post after post about this.

    Besides CSN there is also Appollo, Touro that is all I can think of right now but they are very costly, no other community local colleges for LPN bridge that I know of.
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  5. by   msvegaslpn a new lpn here in las vegas....i got hired on at north vista hospital....some hospitals will still hire lpns.....we have a number of sub acute hospitals as well that hire lpns.....all my graduating class got hired on at these places...not one person had to work yes.....there are many options available.....lpns are making a come back in las vegas....p.s i have lived in las vegas for 15 years and worked as a cna and a medical assistant before becoming a nurse....
  6. by   msvegaslpn
    hi fellow vegas lpn (mickeymouse)...u are sooo right about vegas hospitals...we do have a shortage, yet the hospitals are to damn cheap to hire on more what ends up happening........nurse to patient ratio is way to hi and patient care and safety suffers.....

    i also agree about the LTC facilities......nasty and thank goodness i have never had to work in wishes

  7. by   wantomove
    I was wondering about ltc in Vegas. I am 60 years old and in great shape but do not know if I would even get hired as lpn at my age. I am currently in ma but want to move to AZ or NV as my daughter lives in the area. In MA they do not seem to care about age when hiring but do not know what to expect across the country. tx