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Las Vegas CNA/Unit Coord. jobs?

  1. 0 Hi all,

    I am planning a move to Las Vegas in July/August and am wondering how hard it is likely to be for a brand new CNA with 0 medical experience (but 15+ years of tech support/help desk/training background) to land a Unit Coordinator job.

    I was accepted (like everybody is, I guess) but haven't registered for classes yet at CSN to finish gen eds and pre-reqs (pre-nursing).

    I have just passed a CNA class and haven't gotten the state cert. exam done yet but will have by the time I move out there. (And will have an application in for a NV endorsement, too.)

    On a scale of 0=hopeless; look for LTC CNA work or tech work and have a backup plan to live on for 6 months-or so
    to 10=doable if I interview well...

    What do you think?? My friends that live out there are concerned it's going to take me forever to get a job of any kind, and that if I don't have one lined up before I come out, I'm going to eat through all my (not very big) savings and wind up broke and homeless. lol (They are much less optimistic types than I am, but I also know optimism doesn't pay the bills.)

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    I finished an became a CNA May 2010 an have yet to find a job due to not having experience. It's really hard out here right now
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    As a brand new CNA, it took only 2 weeks for me to find a job at a LTC because I knew somebody at the facility. I left applications at other hospitals/LTCs at the same time and the first one called for an interview was 4 months after I landed on the job. It can be hard if you don't have any connection, but you will find something eventually.
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    That seems to be the norm here in Vegas that to get an interview you need to be referred by someone.
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    Thanks for the feedback, all. I will keep after the HR people I guess and keep looking for any type of work I can get in the meantime.