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Anyone in the Las Vegas Area doing Kaplans ADN program? I am in the process of applying and id love to get some input form past or current students..... Read More

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    This is all really great advice. I have my first visit to Kaplan this Thursday!
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    So I'm assuming you're wanting to go for nursing yadomaru?? If so, are you going for lpn or adn?
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    Hello everyone,

    I was a student in West Coast University and was academically dismissed after failing two nursing courses with a C-. I since then retook those classes and received a B+. I then failed another Med-Surg 2 with a C, but unfortunately my percentage was not a passing one. Does anyone know if nursing courses will transfer over?
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    i dont see y they wouldnt, the best thing to do is call or possibly visit the campus for the info regarding transfers