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Kaplan Las Vegas LPN program

  1. 0 Hi is there anyone in here starting the LPN program in July 31st at Kaplan Las Vegas? I am starting July 31st for the 12 month program. I was gonna do the ADN but Its a little too much with the cost, i don't get grant so I decided to go the PN route
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    Hi... far be it from me to assume that the ADN (RN) route is better for you, since I've definitely established that the LPN route is the best for ME, but given the large differential between LPN and RN wages, have you considered taking out student loans?

    (Just have to ask.)
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    Hello, I will be starting the PN program at Las Vegas, Kaplan next month too! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted to go the ADN route also, but the price was just to much for me. My plan is to bridge over after becoming an LPN, I know it's going to be a stressful year, but it will be worth it in the end. What are some of your thoughts and feelings about the upcoming program?
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    I will be taking my Kaplin test next friday. I am soooo nervous. If I pass, well when I pass, I will be starting in Oct. I also have to take the LPN route, then bridge over online. Im fine with that. Im just ready for the change in my career.
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    Hi wideopenheart I am actually taking loan worth $25000 already and still have to make payments every month. I am thinking of bridging to CSn after I get my LpN license.
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    I am very excited and I keep telling myself that 13 month of school will go by fast. good luck! I'll meet u at the orientation
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    Hi! I'll be starting the LPN program at Kaplan next month too!
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    did you get en email for an online quad before they told you that you were accpeted?? or is that to everyone?