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    I'm currently a student nurse and I am looking at specializing in the OR. I am trying to get some input from any current OR nurses on the best way to help achieve my goal. Is there any recommended readings I should start or would obtaining a surg. tech certificate help? I have joined the local chapter of AORN and I plan on attending the meetings when they pick up in September. I am open to any and all advice. Thank you!
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    If you are interested in actually assisting in surgery, surgical tech is the way to go. OR nurses, at least here in southern Nevada do no hands on in the OR. They count instruments, make sure no sponges are left behind, make sure things are sterile and sites are marked, take detailed notes. The surgical techs do all the assisting. In some plastic surgery offices RNs do assist for minor procedures. If you are still interested in this you usually need to get some critical care experience first before specializing (ICU, ER, etc) just in case the patient codes on the table. I would contact local hospitals, or have your instructor do it for you if you are a student nurse, and actually go observe a surgery to see exactly what an OR RN does.

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    Thanks for the advice. I actually want to be a First Assisstant, but I know you have to have had 2 years experience in the OR. I am keeping all my options open though and it never hurts to get additional education. I do plan on working MedSurg for a bit, just so I can better my skills. I am also taking an ACLS & EKG class just to get some certifications under my belt. Thanks for the response.


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