How do I become a CNA at CSN?

  1. How do I become a CNA at CSN? Can someone please give me details? How long it takes, what you have to do, etc? Thanks so much!
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  3. by   delleh
    I'm currently taking the CNA course at CSN. You won't be able to register until spring registration opens up. The next course starts in January. It only takes one semester or 15 weeks. Type "nursing assistant" in the search on CSN's website and the program details will come up. You will have a lab, lecture, and clinical each week. The clinical is 8 hours at a facility, lab is 3 hours on campus, and I do lecture online. Most lectures are on campus. There will be a mandatory orientation before the course starts, which explains everything. You will have to get 2-step TB test, a physical, a drug test, and have proof of medical insurance. Uniforms are White button-front scrub top, navy scrub pants, and white shoes. You will have to buy the book and the information packet.
    Best of luck to you! I am half way through (this week is midterms) and I love it!
  4. by   whisman1
    Thank you sooooo much! Answered all my questions!
  5. by   zfamilybiz
    Can you share on what days you go in for clinicals and lab? I am hoping to get into the online lecture nursing assistant class as well.
  6. by   delleh
    I go to clinicals Mondays from 7am to 3 pm and lab on Thurs from 1-3:50 pm. This program has tons of days and times to choose from including weekends and evenings, but the online lecture fills up pretty quick.
  7. by   delleh
    Oh! Last week my instructor told me there are 7 week courses, too. Same thing...twice the work. I personally would rather do the long course, but I'm sure the 7 week is doable or it wouldn't exist. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   zfamilybiz
    Did you have to register for the clinial and lab separate from the online lecture?
  9. by   delleh
    You have to register for all three, but you get to choose each. They aren't bundled together. You need NURS130, NURS130L, and NURS130C
  10. by   zfamilybiz
    Thanks for all your help! Very informational : )
  11. by   moneyline702
    The 7 week course is over summers. Online with ------- is the best. It is wise to inquire as to what clinical class is associated with a particular site. I got lucky in that my clinical was a half mile from my home.
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  12. by   zfamilybiz
    Does anyone know if kids can attend the CNA orientation?
  13. by   delleh
    I don't know if there is a rule, but I saw a couple of kids in the back at the orientation I went to.
  14. by   zfamilybiz
    Ok just asking just incase I don't have a baby sitter that day. How was it, what did they talk about?