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  1. 0 Hi guys!

    I'm taking the exam very soon. I am really nervous. I need help!

    I plan to apply to UNLV. As I understand we are required to take 4 sections (Reading Comprehension, Math, Grammar, A&P).
    For the reading portion, is it like the SATs? where you read a passage and they ask questions about it?
    For Math? I looked over some review guides and they mostly had basic math. Is that all?
    Grammar - is this subject/verb agreement? punctuation? or vocabulary is included here as well?
    And for the A&P, it's okay not to get 75% score right?

    Thanks. Any suggestions?
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    This HESI exam isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I bought the review book and I went over it once to just brush up on a few things. I'm not sure about your school requirements, but for my school (TMCC) you had to get at least a 75% on all subjects. The math is very basic along with the reading comprehension and grammar. I would definitely study the A&P part if you haven't taken those classes in the last year. Good luck!
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    Thank you. =))
    I took it last week and it was actually pretty easy. I just hope my scores would help me get into the program.
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    Hi, can anyone tell me what score is desirable if you are applying for the upcoming semester but still in the last remaining classes? I got 90% on HESI A2, but I am still in the last two classes (CHEM & STATS). Since the CHEM I am taking this semester won't be counted in the science base points, I am wondering if I should take the test again and aim higher score.