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How long does it take for the board of NV to release a license? Been looking up for jobs but couldn't apply because they havent release mine and my interimpermit is already expired. Is it possible that an employer would hire... Read More

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    Quote from posh_888
    To Wildeleviosa24: Your TOR and RLE is from you or it needs to be from your school?. .. . Did you just did it this month?. Are you graduate from Philippines also, what year?. Thank you so much for your help. Pm is not working
    Hi. I tried to snd u a pm but it did not get through sorry! I requested the tor and rle from my school. I graduated last 2010) goodluck :

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    Quote from roxygal_18
    thanks widleviosa24! will keep checking then just feeling so frustrated now with all the waiting and hassle that I had to go through with CA and ended up with nothing. i hope it wont take months before I get it
    Dnt worry everything will fall into places. J waitwd for ca for 8mos! To the point that i almost give up! Just keep on checking and calling that is what i did. Everytime i send them my requirements i call them

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