CSN Spring 2011 RN Program

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    Good Afternoon All!

    I thought it was about time to begin a thread for those applying for entry into the Spring 2011 RN Program at CSN. My big question is: Will you be applying to the full-time or part-time program and with how many points? It might also be nice to get to know some of our (hopefully) future classmates! I am applying to the Full-Time program with 29 points. Will that be enough? I sure hope so!

    Good luck to everyone and I look forward to reading your replies!
    ~ Cupcake

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    Hi! I am also applying for the spring 2011 for the fulltime RN program. I have 26 pts.
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    I will apply for the Spring 2011 program with 29 points, but haven't decided which truck to go. Probably the full time truck...
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    I am crossing my fingers and applying with 25 points. I take micro in the fall. Anyone transferring credits at the end of this summer session??
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    > Anyone transferring credits at the end of this summer session?

    I am taking Biol224 at UNLV right now and will transfer it once the grade is posted. Hope the credits get evaluated smoothly by the deadline.
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    That's what I am concerned about. Grades don't post till about the 7th of Aug. and it takes weeks to process (supposedly). If they don't get processed in time I'll have to wait till next year . Tips anyone??
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    I took Bio 224 at NSC during the first half of summer semester -- I took my official transcript to CSN on July 12. On the form you fill out there is a place to indicate if you are applying for a limited entry program. CSN takes that into consideration when prioritizing the order in which they evaluate transcripts. Even so, the girl at the Registrar's office told me it will take 6-8 weeks for the evaluation process. I hope it doesn't take that long, but if you are currently taking Bio 224 at NSC I really doubt your transcripts will be evaluated by the September 1st deadline. Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but just being realistic.
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    I also applied to the spring 2011 full time track at CSN. I applied with 30 points. I wish all of you the best of luck in getting accepted! We will all soon find out in a couple of months
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    The same thing happened to me when I applied to the fall 2010 track. unfortunately, I didnt get accepted because I didnt have enough points w/o my bio 224 grade posted. I would still apply if I were you, you never know how many points people are applying with. GOOD LUCK
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    hi there! I am applying for the full time but my chances are VERY, VERY, VERY minimal because I only have 14 points. I am taking 224&251 in Fall, which will give me 15 points for 29 points... But I am applying just to do it. I am going in knowing that I won't get in but figure why not try?

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