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    Anyone here applying for fall?
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    I am!!! Finally the time has come! I just took the TEAS on Saturday so I have been freaking out! Luckily did good so I'm all set! Lol now I just have to hope I get in!
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    I am super excited and nervous! How many points do you have? I have 29... hopefully that's enough!! I submitted my application last month and I can't wait!!!
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    Yay! You will be fine I only have 27 points so a little worried but going to stay positive. When I called they told me the last 2 semesters the cut off was 25 points so hopefully things haven't changed much!
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    That is good news!!! Are they nice when you call and ask questions? I've never called to ask anything...
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    Yes they were nice question for you about the packet... For the checklist you need proof of English proficiency? What did you provide?
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    I put my high school transcript in for that. And she checked everything when I turned it in and said it looked good.
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    Hi There! I'm applying for fall of 2013. I'm super excited!! I met with the counselor yesterday and need one more document from some transferred credits then my app. is going in! I have 29 points and he told me "you have nothing to worry about". So let's hope he's right. Thanks to whomever started this group....I totally stalked the past couple semesters threads (fall of 2012 and spring of 2013) and am so excited that I'm finally posting in the group I'll be going into!!
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    OH! And regarding the English proficiency, the counselor yesterday told me that part only applies to those that are not from the US. If you graduated HS in the US, that part doesn't apply.
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    LOL I stalked the other groups too! I couldn't stand it anymore and started our own! On the English thing, I was told by a female counselor we had to include high school transcript for it no matter what starting this semester. Double check before you submit your app! I hate when I hear about people that didn't get in because they didn't include something
    The wait is going to be soooo long! I was told we probably won't get calls until beginning of June!! Has anyone heard different?

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