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Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and will be applying to CSN's RN program in March. I wanted to start a thread and see who will be applying with me and how things are coming along for everyone. :)... Read More

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    Got my call! Part time with 32 points! Any others want to meet at the orientation? We can exchange #s thru message :-)
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    Has anyone gotten a call for full time?
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    I just got the call for the full time program! Woo Hoo!
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    I just got mine to be an alternate for part-time. Better than nothing I guess.
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    Yay!! Congrats! Mine was for full time too! See everyone next week
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    Congrats Twinkle Toez!!
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    I'm an alternate for part time.
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    I can't wait to meet up with everyone. I have a feeling that we are going to really need each others support.
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    dwofford how many points do you have? I'm a part-time alternate as well with 27pts I believe.
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    I thought I had 28 but found out that I actually have 27. I calculated my points incorrectly.
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    I'm guessing the cut-off was 28. Well good luck to us both, I hope we get good news soon!
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    Alternates do get chosen, I was accepted a few years ago but had to decline because I had a new baby at home. Keep your chin up.
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    Congrats Christel and Stargurl 2006!! Hang in there Bea123 and dwofford! I know a couple of people who were alternates last round that are finishing up their first semester now!