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Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and will be applying to CSN's RN program in March. I wanted to start a thread and see who will be applying with me and how things are coming along for everyone. :) I have all pre-reqs completed... Read More

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    Very helpful, thanks so much!

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    Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase the pageburst by itself? I can't find it anywhere online. I know it comes with the bundle, but is it required?
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    I just priced out my bundle on Amazon, minus the Pageburst for less than $500. All new books. I spent $951, including the Pageburst at the bookstore today. Can this be right?
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    Quote from Twinkle toez
    I just priced out my bundle on Amazon, minus the Pageburst for less than $500. All new books. I spent $951, including the Pageburst at the bookstore today. Can this be right?
    951 seems high did they not lower the price to 727 for you for the box? I only bought the box and the neighborhood and it came to about $800. Did you buy the other stuff on the bottom of the sheet also? When I priced just the box on amazon just now it came to roughly $560. Still a $170 difference but at least for this semester I will spend the extra and see how I enjoy having both the book, etext, quizzes, etc.
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    Does anybody happen to have the syllabuses for first sememster by chance that they can provide, so I can start reading what is needed instead of reading blindly. It would be much appreciated.
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    They will give you a reading list next week at your next orientation. Pageburst isn't required, it's just an extra they give you. You can read your books on your computer, automatically cite them, stuff like that. I think my bundle was roughly $700 as well, what else did you buy?!
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    Speedym79, did you pay $727 in the bookstore? It's necessary, but I feel absolutely sick about the amount of money I just gave them today. I'm wondering about your total though...they charged me $907.75 for the boxed bundle, then on top of that, the salesgirl told me I had to have the Neighborhood Access which was $43.75, Complete Guide to Documentation for $52.99, and a USED copy of the Publication Manual of APA for $21.75. With a pair of $5 goggle thrown in, I had a whopping total of $1,031.42! If I can get that boxed bundle for cheaper there, I will definitely head back tomorrow!
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    Yes unfortunately it looks like you need to take another visit down to the bookstore Kebby. The price that rings up is 907.75, but the price online for csn bookstore has it listed for 726.25. The girl that helped me automatically did an "instore price difference" and adjusted the price to 726.25. I actually asked if the price dropped because I was buying the whole box and she said no its because the price in the register is wrong and the price on the website is 726.25. I would probably call and verify somebody can do the price adjust for you before you drive back down though, (maybe I got lucky). I would also check amazon for the complete guide and apa book used. I know I purchased both of those and the pearson drug book from amazon and it pretty much gave me the pearson drug book free. I could not find the Neighborhood thing online for anything less than $100.

    And Thank you Sunshine Daisy about the information on the reading list.
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    Thank you Speedmy79! I just noticed that the hard copy price was also listed on the sheet given at orientation as $726 and some change. I will get in touch with the bookstore tomorrow...I'm so excited to hopefully get almost $200 back!!! Another question for you, were you told that you were still lacking 2 books that hadn't arrived to the bookstore yet? The salesgirl told me that the drug guides (which are listed on our required list) and some other book that she referred to as a composite skills book had not arrived and would be in on 8/23. When I checked what I purchased against the required reading list, I had everything except the drug guide. I have no idea what the composite skills book is that she mentioned...does anyone here know something about this?
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    I just purchased my book bundle yesterday but purchased the 4 books listed on the bottom of the yellow page on amazon. She didn't mention missing any of the required items to me. I found the pearson Nurses drug guide 2013 for $30.00 on amazon. My bundle was $726 but she had to manually change it to that.

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