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CSN Nursing Pre Reqs

  1. 0 I had a question about the posting of grades and the application process...

    I need to take one more class (BIO 224). I want to apply for Spring 2013, which means the application deadline is September 1, 2012 (in a few months). I have signed up for BIO 224 for this fall, I need it for the points. So I know I am able to apply for admission into the RN program (not that I will get in because I need those 10 points), but will I be able to apply those 10 points to the application once I finish the class after the fall even though the application is already turned in, or do I have to have all classes done that I need to use for points prior to filling out the application? Thanks....
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    No, it has to be on there when you apply :-(
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    Do you happen to know if NSC offers winter classes?