CSN Fall 2011 rn program

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    I applied today! I applied last semester too, but because of the massive amount of applications, I was denied. Crossing my fingers for FALL!!!! Has anybody else applied?

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    Hey there! I applied last semester as well for the part time track and was not selected. I will be applying again this semester. I have not submitted yet and am debating on whether to do part time or full time this time around.
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    Oh wow! How many points did you have last semester? My friend just applied today for PT with 28! I applied for FT with 27..
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    Hi there! I am applying for full time with 26 points.. I'm hoping that the cutoff will at least be 26!!! I want to take the Teas over, but I heard that the next available date to take it is March 5th!!
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    I re-took the TEAS last Saturday, and I must tell you- the exam is COMPLETELY different! They are using version 5, started some time in Jan. Anyway, I didn't improve my score... Didn't do worse, but no better either. So study version 5 if you are going to take it again!
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    omg. this is so stressful!!!! were you on standby or did you schedule it previously?
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    I scheduled it back in january! There was only like 2 seats left before the march 1st deadline.
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    .. well im depressed. i dont think i will make it with 26 points.. but i plan on applying this thursday anyways..
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    Definitely apply! The lowest points changes from semester to semester. Last sem was 27, but who nobody knows until after the deadline what THIS semester cutoff will be!! Good luck to us all!
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    yes of course! have you applied already??

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