CSN Bio 189! How do I get in!

  1. Hello! This will be (spring '12) my 3rd semester in a row I haven't been able to get into any Bio 189 classes. They all fill up within 5 minutes and in fact the computers crash when the online reg opens up. I have every single pre-req done with A's and B's and am just waiting for ALL MY SCIENCES BECAUSE I CAN'T EVER GET INTO THE FIRST ONE! It is going to take me 4 years to get my AA at this rate because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into a Bio 189 class! This is ******* ridiculous! Does anybody have any secrets on how to squeeze into a bio 189 class? If I don't get in this semester I am going to have to move.
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  3. by   delleh
    I was lucky enough to get in BIOL189 on the non-payment purge a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if it's possible to even do that anymore since the system has changed.
    I took all of my sciences at CSN, but from what I hear Nevada State is the way to go. You can take your sciences there and tranfer them to CSN. Some say they are easier, some say they're not...but sciences are available there in the summer semester as well. Good Luck
  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    Yeah, I would try after the purge too. I was also going to suggest Nevada State. I know many people who took their sciences there and had good experiences with them!
  5. by   Mjfraser
    Thanks! Yeah, I have heard about taking classes at NSC. I was hoping to just do everything at CSN considering everything all my classes are paid for there. But I might have to just take care of my sciences on my own. I'll try AGAIN to purge but there was well over 500-1,000 students unable to get into Bio 189 and i'd assume only a 100 or so of the current enrolled will not pay. Thanks for the advice.
  6. by   LocaW8ta
    I ended up taking all of my Bio's at Nevada State. It costs more, but at least I could get into them!
  7. by   iknowCSN
    I am willing to bet you have not done all the things you should have like registered during early registration times? have you spoken to a counselor about getting that class, maybe they can give you some tips?
  8. by   SarahNV82
    I had the same issue.. Thats why i realized that it was gonna take FOREVER just to get into the RN program there and decided to go to Kaplan instead... It took my sister in law more then 2 yrs to get all her pre-reques done at CSN and she applied to the program 3 times before she was able to get in... Im not sure if thats typical, but i know i don't want to spend 5 yrs in school ...

    Good luck )
  9. by   Cupcake89121
    I don't know if that's typical, but it wasn't my experience. I was accepted into the program the first time I applied and am currently in third semester.
  10. by   Mjfraser
    You don't need to get "accepted" into bio 189...its a pre-req class. It just fills up within hours of being available at CSN. It's a problem they have known about for years (it even has made the news and newspapers), yet they don't fix it. Nevada's horrible education system/funding at work. However, I was able to squeeze into a bio 189 class at UNLV for triple the price.
  11. by   Cupcake89121
    I was referring to the RN program, not Bio 189. The poster before me mentioned that her sister had to apply to the program multiple times before being accepted.
  12. by   Mjfraser