CSN ADN to work in ER?

  1. I am giong to speak to the counselor later this week at the UNLV about my current undergraduate degree in nutrition.

    I'm actually debating on switching to UNLV nursing from my current degree. My other option is to finish my current degree and then go to CSN for an associates in nursing.

    However, I for one don't really care for the ADN vs BSN deal. I've read on this board it is almost irrelevant as far as job responsibility and getting hired on the west coast to be a NURSE (I want to work in the ER).

    Therefore, I really want to get into CSN associates rather than UNLV BSN because of Tuition cost. In 2012 UNLV is doing this new tuition thing where it is more expensive than before.
    In addition parking sucks and all student have to pay for it.
    CSN is MUCH closer to my house, and parking is FREE as it should be.

    I was wondering if this is a bad plan? I want to finish my undergraduate degree because I like it, not because I have to have a job in it. Given if i need a plan C i can go for the Regisered Dietition program later on if i want to (given a few years time before I can't no more). What i really want to do is work in the ER.
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  4. by   Michael Y.
    Thank you for the votes even though it is just 2 so far lol

    I have talked with the counselor, and have decided to finish my senior classes now this coming fall. So I will graduate by Spring of 2013.

    UNLV ain't taking no more of my monayyyy after that. '
    Darn those parking tickets!