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So, I got into nursing school, but the hurdles are still not over. I need proof of my shots (MMR, etc from when I was like 2) as well as needing to get additional shots. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of my shot records, my... Read More

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    Quote from nursewannabee
    Hi Dee.

    I was in a similar situation when I started nursing school. I could not locate my records and needed to get titers, hep shots, and an exam. Out of pocket the cost was over a thousand dollars. I did not have this kind of money so I did an internet search and located a phone number who directed me to clinics that provided for poor people and those without insurance. It was through Exeter/Portsmouth hospital in NH and this program traveled to various sites to give these people care. I took advantage of this program and saved myself a lot of money. I did have to travel an hour each way to get to this "traveling" clinic but it was well worth it. I would try calling hospitals in your area to see if they have such a service or call clinics. Do an internet search with the words health care without insurance and see what you can locate. There is help out there but you have to search to find it. I would jump on this as soon as possible because there may be a waiting period to get into some of these places.
    Good luck to you.

    Thanks for the info!

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    The best place in Las Vegas to go for cheap blood titers is the Vaccine Center in Las Vegas. Go to for more information. In fact, Vaccine center has a site called that specializes in helping people like yourself find inexpensive blood titers in Las Vegas. They are fantastic, no wait time and they also carry any type of vaccine you may need as well. Good Luck.
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    I ditto the vaccine center. I have done all of my shots and titers through them. I want to say i only paid $50 for my Hep B titer. They have 2 locations, but the NW location is only open at certain times. They are the same ones that come to the CSN campus to do the shots.
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    I found that Vaccine Center on Windmill has great prices, they do all the vaccinations and testing right there in their on site lab and offer it at a discount. If your looking you might want to start their, I believe.

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