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    AH! I'm sorry to hear that You can get in next round! Study your butt off you can do it !

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    Unfortunately I'm stuck with these scores until next January. But you better believe Im going to keep trying it's been great talking to you all, thanks for the support!
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    Has anyone gotten through to Becki? Whenever I call it goes to the answering machine.
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    I don't believe I have gotten ahold of her either. I have spoken with Galina and made an appointment with the finance department. Maybe call the main number and let them know you would like to claim your seat in the class and take the next steps toward registering for classes? They should be able to help you.
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    Thank you! It called the main campus and got everything figured out
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    I couldn't get a hold of her either, but I did speak with ****** and set up my financial meeting so I am assuming everything is fine! I will ask when I go in Friday for my financial meeting! I'm so excited.. we only have a few weeks until we start it's crazy!
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