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  1. by   Maegen89
    Just when I thought time couldn't go any slower! Haha
  2. by   heyliss
    Do you guys know if the letters were for sure going out today?
  3. by   Maegen89
    Thats what I was told on the phone last week!
  4. by   enraymond
    They were going out today which means we will probably get them tomorrow or Thursday. I was hoping today, but USPS isn't that quick
  5. by   heyliss
    Tick tock Tick tock.
  6. by   enraymond
    No letters?
  7. by   enraymond
    Any letters?
  8. by   Maegen89
    Nothing here
  9. by   enraymond
    Hopefully tomorrow, I'm so bummed that they didn't come today
  10. by   heyliss
    Mine didn't come either.
  11. by   Maegen89
    Lets cross our fingers that today is the day!
  12. by   heyliss
    I was accepted!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   meowkippen
    I was accepted too yay!!!!!!!!!