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    Quote from enraymond
    I'm from the Bay Area, as well! I moved up to Reno almost two years ago. Did either of you get called in for an interview to fill out an application?
    Where in the bay are you from?

    Yep, already filled out the app and all that.

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    Quote from heyliss

    Where in the bay are you from?

    Yep, already filled out the app and all that.
    I'm from Hayward, where are you from? I got called in to fill out an application, also. I guess we should take that as a good sign!! I'm tired of waiting!
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    I wish I had a cool story but I've lived here all my life haha but I do love it. So many places in California I'd love to live but I always see myself right back here! Your application and information will be good for a year once you fill it out! But I'm not thinking you two will be needing that, I have a good feeling you're both getting in!
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    I grew up in Antioch. As an adult, I lived in San Francisco... Among other places. I miss SF sometimes, but Antioch has become a nasty place. Hopefully we all see each other in class in May! Be sure to post when you get that letter!
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    March 26 is here! Soon the assaulting of the mailman begins!
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    I'll be watching my mailbox all day! I hope the letter comes today, waiting is killing me!!!
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    Just when I thought time couldn't go any slower! Haha
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    Do you guys know if the letters were for sure going out today?
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    Thats what I was told on the phone last week!
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    They were going out today which means we will probably get them tomorrow or Thursday. I was hoping today, but USPS isn't that quick

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