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    Oh, wow. the highest you've heard yet? Right on! I didn't mean to add to your nervousness though! Maybe I just lucked out. lol What are the average scores you've heard? We should be happy we made it through, I guess! It sounds like a lot of people didn't even pass!
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    Haha no worries, I'm happy for you! A couple 89,90s and then some low 80s! I honestly think you have nothing to worry about though! I wish next week would hurry up did you use anything specific for studying writing?
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    Well, hopefully there aren't a bunch of super high scores out there. I'm still on edge waiting for that frickin letter! I studied the kaplan and the McGraw-Hill books for about a month, but the Kaplan had nothing about the writing in it. The McGraw-Hill had a little... I didn't really come across much to prepare for that section. Have you applied to other schools as well?
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    Great scores! I got a 96 in math, a 95 in reading and a 81 in writing. I'm really nervous! Hoping that's good enough to get me in
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    Haha I can only hope! Talk about a nervous reck! Those are the books I used also but like you said, no real help to the writing section. I'm not sure what it was, I felt like I was familiar with the questions they were asking but then again test taking isn't my strength haha. I have a couple more classes until I can apply for TMCC so at this point no, just Carrington! How about you?
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    Those are good scores too, enraymond! Maegen, the questions were often confusing on that section and difficult to study for. Also, missing just a few quickly reduces your score. We only have a week to a week and a half now before we get those letters! I only applied to Carrington. I'm a couple prerequisites short to apply to TMCC. if I don't make it in, I am going to continue working on those and applying to both schools. I hear TMCC is hard to get into. Are you a reno native?
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    Very confusing! I understood every question and felt confident throughout the whole section only to find out I did far from what I expected :/ I feel like the days are creeping by! I have my science courses left and then ill give tmcc a try. I'm in the CNA class with some people applying and a majority of them have 4.0s or pretty close, makes me nervous haha
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    And yes I am a reno Native! How about you?!
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    Yeah... It's very competitive, I guess. I'm from the Bay Area originally, but have lived in Lassen and Plumas counties for the past 8 years. Bought a house in Sparks last spring. I love it here.
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    I'm from the Bay Area, as well! I moved up to Reno almost two years ago. Did either of you get called in for an interview to fill out an application?