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Has anyone gone to this program recently? I'm keeping an open mind and gathering all relevant and recent facts, since it's part of DeVry, a reputable institution. Thank you!... Read More

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    I attended their info session too and was going to go there. I was hoping the only classes I would have to repeat would be A & P and micro, but, it turns out they wouldn't accept ANY of my credits. I have 171 units from a California JC, and I got an A in all but two classes (B's). My husband fooloshly pulled me out of my last prerequisite class (general chemistry- I was hedging my bets on which LVN to RN bridge I could get into), and made me go to work as an LVN/LPN,....... for the next 11 years! Needless to say most schools require A & P and Micro to be within 5 years. But Carrington refused to recognize any units over 3 years old, so for me it would not be money savings, it would be a waste of time as I have been practicing in the field for over 10 years in 2 states and I would have to take all the classes over again as if I had never had them at all, to the tune of over $50,000!!!!! I went to a JC to save money- $26 per unit. I know Universities charge hundreds per unit but that is ridiculous.

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