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Has anyone gone to this program recently? I'm keeping an open mind and gathering all relevant and recent facts, since it's part of DeVry, a reputable institution. Thank you!... Read More

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    Hi Muddler...
    I was wondering if you have any good study tips for the HESI a2?


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    Well I'm glad to know they are good. Worth the money, I hope! I'm registered to take the hesi next week, so here's to hoping! I ordered the study guide.
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    Hi my name is Danielle and I just recently took the Hesi a2 at the carrington college reno location this past saturday. I earned a 94 % overall and the average in my test group on Oct 20th was an 80%. I have heard horror stories that the lowest scores that have been accepted to past semesters programs is a 96%. Does anyone know how true this is? Is anyone else applying during the semester to C.C. Reno? Just trying to gather a little more information. I hate playing the waiting game.
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    I highly doubt the lowest score to get in was a 96%. I am in the last semester at Carrington, and when I was accepted I scored a 94.5% and got right in. I would think you'll be fine.
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    Hi everyone,
    Im looking to move back to reno to start the RN program @ carrington also, im going there in april to speak with financial aid as this is my biggest worry, does anyone know if they want the entire funds once you start school? I have been a medical assistant for 20 years and i had a staffrd/sallie mae loan and i defaulted but its been paid for over 10 years, also im on ssdi and im not sure if my benefits would be cut off if i attended school? Lastly I have to admit im scared i wont suceed even though ive been in the medical field for so long, I hear about all the different books to study from for the entrance exam and i see some say @ least 3 different books, any input on the various questions and concerns i have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
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    Does anyone have any updated information about Carrington? I know this thread is old, but I'm curious about a few things, and no one seems to have the answers.
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    Hello everyone I am going to be taking the entrance exam for carrington pretty soon and I have been out of school for a couple of years now, is there any advice you guys can give me in order for me to pass..should i get a tudor? I am really nervouse because if I dont get accepted I will have to look for something else quickly.
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    do you know how many times you can re take the entrace exam?
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    Quote from ElpLMrc
    do you know how many times you can re take the entrace exam?
    if I remember correctly you can take it twice.

    Be careful though if you intend to get your BSN. I contacted UNR and Great Basin to see if they would take the degree. Great Basin won't because of the gen ed credits not being regionally accredited. UNR will as long as you take your gen ed elsewhere for the same reason.

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