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Has anyone gone to this program recently? I'm keeping an open mind and gathering all relevant and recent facts, since it's part of DeVry, a reputable institution. Thank you!... Read More

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    I am sorry for your sister, I am already planning on taking the test for a second time next go 'round. Hopefully she is too!

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    I got my acceptance letter this afternoon!!! I am so incredibly excited!

    I am rather surprised that a 91% didn't make the cut this girls MUST be so close! I'll cross my fingers that there will be some students who decline admission so you can wiggle on in!

    Jasmine, when are we going for those drinks?
    ...and who else wants to join us?

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    Congratulations Stacy! You must be over the moon, I know I would have been. I was more disappointed than I thought I would be, though it was the nicest rejection letter i have ever received. I always looked at this first test as practice, but then became hopeful that I may get in. Still hoping not everyone will accept, and that I am not too far down the list. I hope you you will keep us posted with what comes next, financial aid meetings and all. Jasmine, if you didn't receiveyour letter yet, mine took two days. Just a thought, my letter was dated 4/6, don't know what the wait was really for. Can't wait to hear about your experience, really happy for you both!
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    Thanks, Melissa! I will happily keep you up-to-date on the post-admission process (that way you'll know what to expect when you get admitted to Fall term, right!)It looks like everyone who was accepted must confirm their spot by Tuesday, and then pre-instruction orientation happens May 3rd...I feel like I am scrambling, getting my letter later than originally anticipated AND over the weekend. I am so antsy to know more and can't wait to call Monday to get additional info from the admissions office!
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    congratulations stacy!!! I also got an acceptance letter, I'm sooo psyched! I have to work tonight (sunday) and tomorrow night, but we should definitely get together sometime this week!

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    Hi you two, How are things going? Have you had your financial meeting yet? The one thing I was really wondering is how you spread out the repayment. I thought I had read you spread it over 3 years, as opposed to the two years you are in school
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    Melissa...yep, I had my financial appt late last week. I proceeded to get cold feet and ask for my spot to be given to the first person on the wait list. Even with 19 credits transferring in, I was going to be responsible for $42,000+. With govt. student loan interest rates rising to 6.8% this year, I just couldn't commit. My current plan is to take my last two pre-reqs for WNC and TMCC this coming semester. If I do stellar, then I'll cross my fingers for admission to one of their programs in Fall '13...if not, my Carrington application and HESI score will carry over from one application cycle to the next for 12 months. I never anticipated bailing on my spot, but the cost and the lack of credit transferability for future education opportunities made me nervous enough to postpone. I hope my rumblings made sense. I am REALLY hoping that I've made the right decision! Good luck to those who continue on in the program!
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    Hi Stacy, It sounds like you have a well thought out plan for your future, and the fact that Carrington is still an option for you if TMCC, or WNC doesn't work out is a perfect alternate plan. If they do work out, you will have saved so much money and you won't have to worry about your your credits transferring to continue a higher education. I too have weighed all of these things, but for me, at my age, I don't want to wait any longer and take a chance on not being accepted to the other programs. I am hoping after gaining experience, and paying off the student loans after my first year of working, I can do the ASN to BSN bridge through chamberlain on line. I am hoping, and need to research if those credits will be elgible to achieve a Master's degree if I decide to take that route. After I received my rejection letter, I found out I ranked 38th, and yesterday I found out I was accepted. I hope I am making the right decision by accepting my spot. I hope you will continue to post and update your status with where you are. One way or another, we will reach our dream of being a nurse! Best wishes, Melissa :-)
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    I don't know about you Melissa, but I really feel like we need to get a contact list with at least an email for everyone in our class, that way we can all stay in touch and help each other throughout the next two years. I think we have a really good group and i'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone better!
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    I'll be graduating in a month from Carrington Reno. I've been informed that all 8 RN to BSN programs I've looked into will accept my full transfer, as well as every RN-MSN program I've considered. It's hard work but definitely worth it when you get this close to the end! PS: Amazing instructors since we stole them all from the surrounding nursing programs Downside- the tuition is a real bummer. On the other hand, it's only two years from start to finish and, for me, was a lot easier to get in to then WNC.

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