Best school to get RN or BSN in Las Vegas

  1. Hello,

    I already have a Bachelor degree in Finance, but I'm looking for a career change into the healthcare field.

    I was looking at the Nevada State College program, where I can get a BSN in 2 years, since I already have a bachelor's degree. Is this the best program in the area? I think College of Southern Nevada only offers 4 yr degrees.

    Also, I was wondering about programs for Lab Tech? I can't seem to find anything on this.

    Any advice is appreciated. Also looking at an entry level job in a hospital, but cannot seem to get one without any experience


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  3. by   JacobK
    Quote from JacobK
    Schools in the Las Vegas Area:


    Everest: Provisional accreditation only, Private College, I don't know anything else about them.

    ITT Tech: Provisional accreditation only, I believe they have stopped accepting students due to low NCLEX pass rates and are ending their program.

    National University: Provisional accreditation only, Private College, I don't know anything else about them.

    CSN: Public Community College. Probably the best, and only viable ADN program in Las Vegas. 2 year program after prerequisites. All the students I know that went there enjoyed the program and have since passed their NCLEX. Relatively inexpensive. Admission is done for fall and spring, and lately the lowest entering scores have been ridiculously high, above 27. They have both part time and full time programs, however after you complete the prerequisites(you will also need the optional ones done to have a chance of getting in), even the full time program is really part time. You can find more information on their web page:


    UNLV: Public University. This is the college I was accepted into and currently attend. 48 students accepted each semester(fall spring and summer). The program is 18 months long, 4 semesters with classes every semester including the summer, after completion of prerequisites. Competition is very high, more than 2 students apply for every spot. The instructors are very knowledgeable but very strict and hold you to a very high standard. Lab facilities are shared with NSC and the Med school. I have about 4 weeks left in my first semester and so far so good, we have only lost 2 students out of 48. If you have any specific question feel free to ask.

    NSC: Public College. Part time and full time programs. Accelerated program for individuals with a bachelors degree. UNLV and NSC share the same lab facility. Of the classes I have taken at NSC(all non nursing) the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful, generally smaller class sizes than those found at UNLV or CSN. I believe the part time program is easier to get into than full time. However the full time slots were cut back a while ago. The students I know that go there enjoy it. The college is relatively new, less than 10 years I believe. Students are only accepted spring and fall, and only the accelerated program has classes over the summer.

    USN: Private university, 40 thousand dollars for 18 month program, after prerequisites. From the students I know that go there, there is a high drop out rate within the first semester. 90% or better is required on all tests. I hear the instructors are good.

    Touro: Private university, they cancled their spring class due to low NCLEX pass rates. I don't know if they will be accepting students for spring. Approximatively 40 thousand dollars. Accelerated 18 month program after prerequisites.

    Not the best indicator but decent to see how good or bad a school is: NCLEX pass scores. They are contained in the PDF documents:
    One of my previous posts.
    CSN is 24 months after prereqs(full time), UNLV is 16 months after prereqs, NSC full time is 20 months I believe. NSC also has an accelerated program for individuals, such as yourself, that already have a bachelors which is 12 months long.
  4. by   infamous
    I just took the HESI exam at ITT. I'm curious where you got your information from and how solid your source is. Although I am eager to get into an RN program, I don't want to get into a program simply just to be accepted.
  5. by   JacobK
    EDIT: It is carrington college that has stopped accepting students, ITT tech appears to still be accepting.

    The information I had come for the ITT Tech thread and I thought it had been ITT tech that had changed its name to carrington, however I believe it was apollo that changed its name.

    That said, I would be wary of ITT Tech, they don't have the best reputation.
  6. by   iconnie11
    Infamous: Which RN programs are you looking currently looking into?
  7. by   infamous
    I've looked into ITT and Everest. I have completed the prerequisites for CSN but I don't have enough points to be considered. I may retake some classes to accumulate more points and retake the TEAS exam
  8. by   Cupcake89121
    You seriously have to retake the TEAS?
  9. by   infamous
    Quote from Cupcake89121
    You seriously have to retake the TEAS?
    Are you being sarcastic or is that a serious question?