Applying for Spring '11 Full-time RN program???

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    Hi All,I am curious who is applying to the Spring 2011 full time track RN program? And how many points you have? I know my chances are REALLY SMALL to get in as I don't have many points because I am missing Bio 224 & 251, which I am taking in the Fall 2010. But I figure I have nothing to "lose" trying regardless of the fact I only have 14 points. Thanks all!!!

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    What school are you going to? .....and I really don't want to discourage you, but I hope those are the only two classes u r taking, because they both require a lot of studying. They are a very jealous courses.
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    OH! CSN, guess that's important information huh?! Yes, those are my only two classes as they are all I have left.
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    i took 224/251 last semester and totally survived. B in both. (with two kids at home too- one of which was barely 1yo.) I applied last semester like you are doing now... i didn't get in. SOOOOO competetive! you need those classes! good luck to you!
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    Thank you for replying. I figured that... I really want to take both but I only registered for 224 in time but maybe I can get in next week when they purge classes, who knows.
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    yes, go online at 1230 am on friday! usually the registration is opened at that time... thats how i have gotten most of my classes in the past. good luck to you!
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    Good luck with that. I'm going to apply just before the Sept. 1 deadline. I don't want to prematurely send my application in and find out that something was missing.

    I'm going in with 26 points - and i'm set to take micro next month. Bring it on!

    (any questions, pm me)
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    The unfortunate problem is that the grades have to be posted before applying to the program. So, once the pre-reqs are completed, a person has to wait another semester before getting in. That's of course if one prefers to finish all of the pre-reqs with a grade before applying.

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