Any Nurses who work at Renown Hospital in Reno?

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    Hello There,
    I'm a new Grad applying to Renown Hospital on the telemetry Unit and have questions to ask those who are interested in answering questions I have. Please send me a message. Thank you

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    just sent one
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    Hi Sunbeach...
    I am supposed to start (as a new grad) in Telemetry at the end of the month. Let me know if you end up taking the job!
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    I got your message but I cannot reply with my current settings apparently. See if you can email me through the link to my profile.
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    Hi Sunbeach.... any news yet?
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    Hello There,
    No word yet they said they would let me know in ten days. How did they tell you, did they call you and who called you? I love to know. I hoping to hear something this week I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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    HR at Renown is notoriously slow. I think it took them 2-2.5 weeks to let me know. HR called me to offer me the job (they do all the calls for interviews/hiring). I had finally given up when they called, so hang in there!
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    I just applied at Renown. I made it into an interview but they said the position is not open for new graduates until August/September. I was told he would pass my paperwork on to the unit I want. Does anyone know how the process works and what I should expect?
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    Well they've already filled many positions for july start. the next would be around that time HR said.

    You'll have to wait until the unit of your choice looks at the paperwork and decides when you should start. You need to speak to the manager of the unit you're applying for and just get updated frequently on your start date.
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    Hey Michelle,

    Any luck on getting the ICU job @ Renown? I just spoke to HR yesterday and they said they are passing my resume to trauma ICU?

    thanks for any information,


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