Any new students for Roseman University Fall 2012?

  1. I haven't received any acceptance or rejection letter yet from Roseman University...should I be worried? Any students got their acceptance letter yet? And how long after interview did it take?

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  3. by   LaineyLe
    Hey there! There's another thread going on for some of us that are going for Fall 2012:

    I interviewed at the end of March and found out in April, so it was about two weeks later. However, they said that some students don't here until the summer depending on when you interviewed and if you still have some prereqs to take. When was your interview? Did you still have some classes left to take?
  4. by   jewelsx3
    Thanks for pointing me to the other thread.
    I am done with all my pre-reqs (from Hawaii), and I had my interview about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I know they extended their application deadline to June 1st so I'm a little worried that there's more competition now... I'm just so anxious and excited to start this Fall.
    By the way, congratulations on your acceptance.
  5. by   LaineyLe
    Thanks! Don't be discouraged, it's possible to even get an acceptance letter in late happens. =) Keep us updated if you do get in!
  6. by   Diana_0691
    I applied for BSN nursing. I was invited to the last interview and it had been a week since I had my interview. Is there a good chance of getting admitted to the program after the interview? I would greatly appreciate your feedbacks, thanks!