New Grad interviewing for DREAM JOB in a Neuro Trauma Step Down Unit

  1. Greetings!
    I recently graduated in October with my BSN and obtained my RN license about a week later. The market has been tough on new grads in my area, but I found some temporary work to hold me over. About a month ago my sister (CCRN-Trauma) asked me to describe in one sentence my dream job- "A position in a neuro icu in a large teaching hospital, preferably in my home state."
    So this morning I log on to one of my top 2 dream hospital sites and apply for a neuro icu position. I applied at 9:30 am, the job posting was removed @ 11 and @ 2:15 I received a call back from a recruiter for an interview for that very job (and its 3 blocks away from my house!) I have literally told 3 people about the job and the interview....I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!

    Here are my questions:
    1- Should I expect Neuro specific interview questions or the run of the mill HR questions?
    2- I was an average student in my program due to test taking issues but I was nominated for 4 out of 6 clinical excellence awards- I have to bring my transcripts obviously, so how do I answer about my GPA and wiggle in my clinical skills? I will have 5 letters of recommendation from clinical professors but I don't know how to effectively address the GPA and transition to the letters of rec.
    3- To try and get a little edge in this market I got my ACLS and PALS certifications- is saying that i sought the certifications b/c my career goals is to work in an ICU setting and wanted to have the certifications required on those floors okay to say?
    4- Since I haven't had any real experience is making a portfolio ridiculous or would it show my absolute yearning for this job?

    I need to dominate this interview~ Any help you can give me would be awesome!
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  3. by   AlmostBSN
    Did you get the job?
  4. by   paolountalan26

    I am a new graduate nurse who will have my interview next week at a major hospital for the Neuro-ICU position. I just have some questions:

    1. Will it be very difficult for me to work as a new grad in the Neuro-ICU?
    2. What are the usual cases i will encounter daily?
    3. What is the essential skill i need to have in order to be a successful Neuro-ICU nurse?
    4. What's the most frustrating thing and the best thing about being a Neuro-ICU RN?
    5. What interview questions do they usually ask???
    6. What's the most stressful thing you've experienced in this unit??

    I am so anxious about my coming interview. Hope someone could help me. I really want to get the job.

    Thank you in advance and God Bless you all!!