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How does one become an Epilepsy Nurse Specialist? Is there any specific certificate I can get to become one? I am a BSN RN and am working on my MSN now. I also have epilepsy and had sucessful surgery 12 years as well. I would... Read More

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    I had no idea there was such a thing. I am in school for my RN (I will graduate Spring 2013) and I really want to work in neurology but specifically with epilepsy! My father and my sister have epilepsy and my little sister has Dravet's syndrome. I would really love to work with epilepsy specialists because it's been a significant part of my life! I have had two seizures in my life, but I have never been diagnosed with epilepsy. I have migraines too. Let me know if you find out anything!
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    I know this thread is a little over a year old, but I am so exited to read that there are nurses with epilepsy! It gives me a little more hope (I'll be starting nursing school next semester). I too had a successful surgery, went from a seizure every 30 min to if don't get enough sleep i could have one. I would also like specialize in epileptology! Do they have Nurse practitioners
    who specialize in epileptology?
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    Me too! I graduate in Spring 2014 and have a specific interest in epilepsy. My sister lost her life to epilepsy. I would love to work in neuro, but epilepsy is something I am really passionate about. Good luck finishing up school!
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    I, too, am very interested in this type of certification. I do currently work as a Health Management Nurse who specializes in epilepsy. I enjoy it very much but would love to have the certification to back it up!