CNRN Exam 2012

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    Hello all, I am taking the CNRN exam at the end of the month and needless to say extremely nervous. I have reviewed the CNRN Med Ed on line review, but still feel unprepaired. I have read the forums on here and seems everyone has done well. Just looking for advice, sample questions, ect... Thank you all for your help.

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    How did you do? I am planning on taking mine in July and I wanted to know if Med-Ed Audio helped you. I also will be studying from Hickley.
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    Med Ed helped, as did the Hickley text book. I did both and passed!!! This is an extremely DIFFICULT test. Best of luck. I researched everywhere for sample questions and none were available. Med Ed provides a "sample" exam ~120 question. This practice is 1/10 the difficulty of the exam. I found out in my town I am only 1 of 2 who hold this prestigious certification. Best wishes and study hard!!!
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    Remember it is NOT a critical care exam, or a rehab exam, a pediatric exam, a medication exam or a CHI, SCI, CVA, MS exam. Unfortunately it is a all of the above exam. Know the continuum of care from emergency to home health and from birth to geriatric. Good Luck
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    My work is offering the Hemispheres program to sharpen our neuro skills. Any feedback from anyone on whether studying Hemispheres would be beneficial to someone who is considering taking the CNRN exam? Thanks!
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    Ii have not heard of the program hemispheres. I think as long as you have a base neurologic/neurosurgical knowledge and most impertinently how to incorporate that education into real world scenarios. The test is extremely difficult. I believe in my town there are only 2 CNRNs. We have a VA, 2 large medical hospitals, 3 ambulatory surgery centers, a cancer hospital, and psychiatric hospital.
    Good luck! Be proud when you pass... And let us know!!!

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