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    Does anyone have a guideline that they could share for using the neuroptics pupillometer? I do not have any experience with the equipment and would like to know what others do regarding frequency of use, when to call MD, etc. Any info would be appreciated!
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    There are articles in Pub Med if you search Pupillometery r/t ICP. You can also contact the NeuroOptics rep and they can supply you with articles or if you browse the NeuroOptic website under Critical Care you will have lots of information at your feet.

    Abnormal values

    CV < 0.8 mm/s
    Pupil reactivity < 10%
    NPI <3
    Difference in pupil size fro right to left > 1 mm

    Hope this helps.
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    We obtain a pupillometer reading on admission for all our neuro patients. Our protocol is to call the MD for:
    NPi <3.0
    >1mm difference between pupils

    We also trend the NPi and if there is a difference between R/L pupils of >0.7 or if the NPi has decreased by 0.7 the MD is to be called. We use the pupillometer Q4h for GCS <9 if vented and <12 if not vented and with any neuro changes. Feel free to email me at mhill4@ohiohealth.com with any questions! We have been using the pupillometer for 2 years with pretty good success.
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    Thank you both for the info! I had found more detail on the neuroptics site last week-not sure how I missed it the first time. Thanks again!
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    Hi! We're looking into using these, did you ever find/develop a policy or protocol that you'd be willing to share? Thanks!