Precepting in the NICU... Advice? Precepting in the NICU... Advice? | allnurses

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Precepting in the NICU... Advice?

  1. 0 i begin my last semester of nursing school in january, and i just found out that i will be in the nicu for my preceptorship. i am very excited, but i am also nervous. i was wondering if anyone has any advice on starting out in the nicu, things to be aware of, tips, warnings, ect.

    i would also love to hear any stories about your work in the nicu, most common patients, most common medications, ect... any information you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. i am determined to work hard and learn as much as possible my last semester. thanks, amy b
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    NEURO Icu or NEONATAL Icu??????
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    Quote from Amy3901
    I am determined to work hard and learn as much as possible my last semester. Thanks, Amy B

    That is all you really have to do. Drugs, patient demographic, all, just really depend on the locale and protocols for your particular facility. Know what you know, and do not pretend to know what you do not. Metaphorically, you'll be visiting Rome, and you'd like to become a Roman.

    You do that last statement of yours in bold and you will do just fine and dandy!
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    ask alot of questons. I precepted on the NICU and have worked there for 7 months and still ask questons everyday. its unlike any other unit. some pts they want sbp up to 220 others below 140. Ive also seen goal NA of 150. but the MDs always have a reason for what they are doing if you just ask.