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  1. I currently work for a UPMC community hospital and want to do CC but they're not letting me, its a long story, see my post in the PA nurses forum for the whole story but I wanted to post something brief in here asking about any openings in the downtown area or elsewhere. I have wanted to do this since a GN two years ago. I have medsurg with chf/stroke specialty experience, I am certified in stroke intervention/assessment by the stroke association, some telemetry, have been charge nurse on offshifts and trained new nurses. I was born for CC but just need the opportunity to do it. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   Pompom
    Why don't you transfer to Presby? I am sure they would love to give you a chance in one of their ICU's.
  4. by   sewmany
    Seems like all of the hospitals in Pitts. are looking to fill positions in NICU's I would try applying and see what pops, why is UPMC not allowing you to change your position? Tell your nurse recruiter you need a "better fit", thats what they like to say when they are trying to fill a void in their system.
  5. by   wonderbee
    Why not call Presby and talk with their NMs. There are two neuro ICUs there and they're always looking. Your current NM cannot hold you indefinitely. Those are the rules. If one of Presby's NMs offers you a job, all you gotta do is put in for your transfer on My Hub. You can only be held six weeks then they gotta say see ya.