New grad RN needs advice

  1. 1 I was wondering if anyone might recommend a good book for a new RN starting in a neuro ICU?
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    Check out AACN Essentials for Critical Care Nursing
    Bought it on Ebay and I am super glad I made the purchase. The first 200 pages are dedicated to new grads/new icu nurses regardless of specialty. Talks about assessment, ventilators, hemodynamics, etc.

    Another book I bought to bring with me to work is Quick Reference for Critical Care. Have had awesome reviews, and I can tell the book is going to be a great resource. Also purchased on Ebay. Got both books for $100 brand new.

    Although I haven't started my new job yet, I have been looking over the AACN for a leg up on the basics of critical care.. I plan to bring the Quick Reference with me to work, as it goes by system, as well as has a section on tests/medications. I can give a more detailed update of how they helped after starting on the floor.

    Best of luck with your career in the Neuro ICU.
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    Try checking out It goes over all the things a new nurse will need to know!
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    Fast Facts for Critical Care by Kathy White is an unbelievably awesome reference tool! Definitely check it out, it is worth the money without a doubt. It has become a "Bible" of sorts for me as a new-grad ICU nurse.

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