Neuro ICU Nurse Aid

  1. What are the typical duties of a nurse assistant on a Neuro unit?
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  3. by   bellehill
    On our unit we have patient care techs. Their responsibility is vital signs (every hour), EKGs, running labs, baths, and call lights (assuming your pt is alert enough to use a call light). The also draw blood from arterial lines but not very often. The techs in our unit are so valuable, they make our nights much easier.
  4. by   NeuroICURN
    Wow Bellehill, our NAs don't do any of that! Are you ICU??? our ICU, our NAs stock, go on road trips with us (CT, MRI, etc.), do blood sugars and they only do patient care when helping us. They don't do any baths or anything on their own.