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Hi: Can anyone help me with this contradiction I have encountered, in what happens with ICP pts? I have learnt that ICP patients hyperventilate (central neurogenic hyperventilation) and this expels CO2, and thus constrict... Read More

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    I'm skilled (nearly drilled) to attentive check bloodgas analyses after modification of active ventilation. Because Hyperventilating (otherwise Hypoventilating) may activate a vicious circle inside human body. A long during constriction at the wrong place anywhere inside body could be even fatal in refer of outcome as a dilation!
    Once a competent doc told me:"Essential to say the worst case and biggest challenge is to handle a polytraumatic pt, in associate of a massive lung and brain injury. You have to understand biochemical processes to ensure a proper therapy. Because no brain activity without oxgen and otherwise no lung activity without brain input. It's like unsecured walking on a wire on top of trees.The primary injury in combination of the result of intensive care support influence the outcome. We can only intervene in intensive care support, so let us do it in the best way we're able."

    Carpe diem or domestic tongue..."Hilbechilbi jede Tag"

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    Hey Pixeelb

    You're of course completely correct that trauma with multi-system failure is the biggest challenge in our profession. At least, nothing I've ever done comes close. If the Pt is so unstable that hyperventilating is dangerous they oughta have a Ventricular drain so we can directly control the ICP.

    By the way, here in the American South we know that 'carpe diem' means 'Go fishing every day'. But my German vocabulary fails me these days--studied it in College over 30yrs ago. What kinda fishin' is 'hilbechilbe every day'?

    Gosh, Switzerland--I love this computer for puttin' an ol' redneck boy in touch with the world.

    Papaw John
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    Dear papawjohn!

    First excuse my English...I hope it's adequately enough for understand what i sink and wanna say...:chuckle !
    Let me explain what "hilbechilbi" means *smile! It's a slang phrase from Switzerland, especially from Canton Bern (Canton is like a state, but much smaller *blinky eye, and Bern is the capital city of Switzerland). So believe me, you can't find it in any vocabulary,exept in a specific Swiss dialect vocabulary.
    "Hilbechilbi" means enjoy the day and be happy-then Life is simply strong enough!
    I learnt in the Latin lesson Carpe diem means "use the day" ...why not with fishing, Ceasar really did it .

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    why neuroscience patients can be more susceptible to ICU psychosis?

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