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Hello to all. I am a new RN and new to ICU. I have done Peds as an LPN for almost 5 years. I feel like I am inept and stupid! I don't feel like I know a thing. Today was my second day with... Read More

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    Quote from owura143
    I am in the same boat, I'm fresh out of school and just started working in a neuro- ICU. Yesterday was my 6th day caring for one pt; it's been tough. My preceptor is a young nurse who has been in the system for one year and she makes me feel very stupid sometimes. She hardly criticises me in my face, but when she does, it's not constructive. She tells me I fall behind (I don't know what she specifically means and never tells me areas I need to improve), she also said I am overly confident,in other words, arrogant, which I think is a very wrong perception. I am as humble as I can be always willing to learn.
    Being trained in a electronic system of charting, transitoning to a paper charting system hasn't been smooth. I've been able to fill out most of the section on large flowsheet alone, however, when I leave a blank spaces because of a unique situation and ask her for help, she queries me, saying "You've been herelong enough and I expect you to know all these". She hardly spends 20 continues minutes with me, she leaves her two patients (plus mine, so 3) with me to talk to other nurses or see a friend on another unit, leaving me petrified.And when she comes back and something hasn't been done she queries me. Fortunately or unfortunately, I usually hear what she says to other nurses about me, because some of 'em are double agents. I feel very frustrated sometimes. Frustration , they say is a sign of weakness, I don't want to be that way, I'm humble, willing and ready to learn, I wanna be the competent nurse.

    She talks to me like a kid and makes me feel so unwanted sometimes. I'm a male nurse originally from Africa, I lived and schooled in the states for most part of my post-secondary education, however, I still have an accent. You should see the grimace of digust on her face when I am talking to her . This won't stop me from asking questions and making sure the right decision are made.

    She has already made some reports to my clinician and I have had a meeting with her. My clinician said I should learn to work with her ( I don't know what my preceptor told her though). Yesterday, before I left for home, she said "be ready to take two patients when you come in next week"

    I dont know why things are going so rough. I am just another human being willing to care for another person. Why all these hurdles? With the help of God, I know I'll grow in this profession and become a competent nurse.

    God Bless Nurses.


    That young preceptor is a bully, plain and simple. Try to see if you can get another report on your progression from a non-bully in your unit. If you feel you are being forced to give unsafe care due to an overzelous new-nurse-eater find a new internship STAT!

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    Good luck everyone and keep up all of your hard work!!!
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    I can relate. I am a new grad in the neuro ICU. However, I am lucky to be blessed with a wonderful preceptor and a great staff. My managers are very understanding. I feel that I have somewhat of the oppisite problem. I sometimes don't think im moving fast enough. Im almost to the end of my 12 week orientation and i'm thinking about staying a bit longer. Im nervous to be on my own. Everyone is very understanding on my floor and very willing to help. I guess i 'm doing ok, everyone else seems more confident in me than I do. I know it all just takes time.
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    Iam not going to blame you for complaing, it has equally brought you very many useful advice and suggestions from nursing gurus.I appreciate your plight, you are still new to the unit. But understand this fact that the best wayto learn is to ask question wherever you are confused. With your nursing knowledge, arm yourself with courage and determination I tell you that very soon you will come to reliase that there is really nothing to shout about for in Neuro-ICU. Afterall those peopl you met there were not born there neither do they have two heads

    One final word, the way out of a problem is not to run away from it.
    Cheer up
    Mume Ejime

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