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Hello to all. I am a new RN and new to ICU. I have done Peds as an LPN for almost 5 years. I feel like I am inept and stupid! I don't feel like I know a thing. Today was my second day with... Read More

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    Iam not going to blame you for complaing, it has equally brought you very many useful advice and suggestions from nursing gurus.I appreciate your plight, you are still new to the unit. But understand this fact that the best wayto learn is to ask question wherever you are confused. With your nursing knowledge, arm yourself with courage and determination I tell you that very soon you will come to reliase that there is really nothing to shout about for in Neuro-ICU. Afterall those peopl you met there were not born there neither do they have two heads

    One final word, the way out of a problem is not to run away from it.
    Cheer up
    Mume Ejime
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