Fecal Management System

  1. I am doing some research on fecal management systems (FMS). FMS are utilized for your bedridden, immobilized or incontinent patient with liquid or semi-liquid stool.

    Has anyone used a Flexi-Seal, ActiFlo or DigniCare fecal management system. If so, which one have you used or do you prefer and why.
    Thank You kindly.
  2. Poll: What Fecal Management System do you Prefer?

    • ActiFlo

      20.00% 2
    • DigniCare

      10.00% 1
    • Flexi-Seal

      70.00% 7
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  4. by   CCURN86
    Flex-Seal. Pretty expensive (not sure how it compares to other brands). It usually works well if you take care of it, keep the tubing straight, and flush it Q4. They leak small amounts occasionally for some patients, but save you the bulk of the mess and definitely save the patient's skin.
  5. by   GrnHonu99
    agree. flexiseals are expensive and they don't contain smell very well...even with flushing~ I feel like if the inserter's fingers are not long enough, it is tough to get the bulb in the rectal vault...we quit using 30fr foleys as they decrease rectal tone. Im thinking so will flexi seals if not insterted in the correct place. I havent used any of the other systems mentioned.