Do you think a general neuroscience unit is a good place for a new grad RN to start??

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    I recently resigned from my first nursing job on a neuroscience ICU. I was in way over my head with that job and realized that it was not a good fit and that I need to get my feet wet on a med-surg unit. Anyway, my boss pulled some strings and I interviewed with the manager from the neuroscience (med-surg) unit at the same hospital the other day. I got a very good vibe from this unit and will be shadowing there next week. I'm really hoping that this unit will be a good fit for me as a new grad. Anyone start out on a general neuro unit as a new grad? Would you recommend it? Thanks :spin:

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    That's where I started and it can definitely be done.
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    Yes yes!! I love my neuro unit. We're neuro/med-surg/progressive and I really like it. I was terrified at first because I felt like I was in a nursing home..LOL..but now I really enjoy my job. There are days, trust me, but you will get tons of great experience while not being totally over your head. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the replies. After shadowing on the neuroscience unit I realized that it is a much better fit for me as a new grad. I started orienting this week and and so happy I made the switch
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    Hey AJ as long as you keep dedidacated to your patient and continue doing research its all going to turn out great. I started out in a neuro ICU and continue to be in one. Just wait till you assist in an emergency ventryculostomy its the best.
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    So do you like Neuro Med/surg? is it a better fit for you?
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    Yes! Totally feel that the neuro unit is a better fit for least for right now. I just finished my orientation and started on my own this week and so far things have gone pretty good. Thank you for asking

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