Concerned about new job

  1. Hi,

    I recently accepted a job at a new hospital here in St. Louis. The position is for a neuro ICU, but I will begin orienting on a med-surg floor first (that's what I'm told, at least). I'm excited/nervous/anxious/happy about the new job -- I even bought a neurological nursing textbook to get a head start, since I'm technically still a new grad.

    But I'm already worried about the job -- and I haven't even started yet. My start date is supposedly July 6th, in, tomorrow...but I have been calling people since the beginning of last week, and either they haven't responded, or I have gotten the run-around.

    I called the director who interviewed me, who said he would speak with the nurse manager on the MEDICAL floor (there isn't a manager for the Neuro ICU floor yet) and that he would get back with me. He never called back.

    I called my nurse recruiter, who left two voicemails for him, and he did not return her calls or my calls.

    I called the nurse manager directly on Thursday. She said that was the first she had ever even heard my name, and she would have to speak to the director because she doesn't know what plan he has in store. She said she would go to a meeting that afternoon and speak to him and would get back to me the same day, if not the next day. I told her I would call her the following afternoon (Friday) if I had not heard anything yet.

    She never called me back. When I called her on Friday afternoon, her voicemail told me she was on VACATION until July 6th. She did not mention this to me at all, despite the fact we had spoken at least three times.

    I understand this is a new hospital, and everyone is very busy, and they've hired a lot of new people, and yadda-yadda-yadda. But I really need to get to work. Had I known there would be such a delay in my ability to start the new job, I would still be able to work at the other job for the time being.

    Also, I found out that the floor I'm supposed to work on was due to open on June 23rd. When I spoke to the manager, apparently the floor is not open, and is due to open July 12th. Maybe this is what's causing the delay, but I'm orienting on a medical floor at first anyway....

    I am feeling disappointed for accepting this new job because I feel they tried to "sell" the place to me without giving me the full story. (Duh.) I turned down another position to accept this one. Hopefully I'll learn more tomorrow about my schedule -- if there is one.

    Any advice? Does this sound sketchy to anyone else? Did I make the wrong decision? Argh.

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  3. by   Chapis
    how was your first day? are you feeling better about the job? keep us posted!
  4. by   lizzlebizzle
    Still don't have my schedule...not working at the moment...
  5. by   cmhueto
    Keep calling the manager and director, if no results soon, you may need pursue other job leads. How about the manager of the med/surg floor? This may be why they were sending you there first so that you could begin working even though the neuro floor isn't up and running yet. Good luck!
  6. by   lizzlebizzle
    Thanks for the comments. I did call the director again today. He gave me my schedule -- actually said, "Well, you could come in tonight." Feeling flustered, I agreed to come in tomorrow. The neuro ICU floor is scheduled to open next Monday, so tomorrow I'll be on a cardiac ICU -- NOT medical floor. Yikes.

    So, the good news? Got my schedule.
    Bad news? Now I'm just nervous!

    Well, time to go get my badge...

  7. by   yetanotheramanda
    Good luck!