Best Neuro Book?

  1. Hello everyone. I am getting ready to move from the MICU to the Neuro surgical ICU. I really want a good book to learn about the neuro basics that will help supplement my three month orientation period of learning all this neuro.

    I actually really like the LLW made incredibly easy books, but they do not offer a neuro one. I thought about getting the neuro coloring book as a second book since I'm a very hands on visual learner to help my memory tie the anatomy to the rest of it all.

    Any suggestions ons on a good book for me to start out with and learn the neuro basics? And by basics I don't mean how to do a neuro assessment, as I have to do those head to toe q2 on my current patients. But things like learning the parts of the brain. What's what with the various strokes and the things that get affected by damage from different area. Common neuro drugs. Anything about bolts and ventrics. Stuff like that
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