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West Nebraska Gen Hos Sch of Nursing

  1. 0 Hello,
    I posted about four years ago looking for old West Nebraska General Hospital School of Nursing Grads and received no replies. I would love to find some. I graduated about 100 years ago, l970 to be exact and have not kept up with anyone. I have not been in Nebraska for years, but would love to hear from any of you.
    I think we had a really good start, and my WNGH education has taken me through the Midwest. Take care all you out there. :heartbeat
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    I didn't go to school in the 70's, but I did graduate from WNGH in 1986. I am still working in Nebraska.
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    I graduated in 1978, I too have not kept in contact with anyone from my class. I am presently working as a travel nurse in OB labor and delivery, currently in NE. It is great to see someone from my SCHOOL of nursing since we are no longer a school of nursing but are now part of the larger UNMC. I have many tell me that the 3 year program should be reinstated and I agree
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    I graduated in 1972 from WNGH Sch of Nrsg. I missed all of the reunion's so am looking to find anyone from 1969 to 1972.
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    did you graduate w/ ----, ------- or any of those girls, I know where a few are due to being from my hometown, I graduated later than this . Many of the records , I believe, are thru UNMC omaha
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    I graduated from there in 1971. We are having a 40th year reunion next weekend. Doesn't seem possible that we are old enough for that.
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    even 33 years seems so long ago, have a great reunion, hope our class of 78 will get together, so much to share and stories to tell
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    Graduated WNGH in 1976. Now in Mississippi. My daughter graduated from UN Scottsbluff nursing 2005 and works at I believe it is called West Nebraska Regional now.
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    You were probably a junior or senior student when I started . I really did get a good education from WNGH and sometime hpe that we can have a big reunion or those of us grads in the 70's. I have lost touch with all that wwere in my class but you are correct in that the new name is regional west