UNMC NICU or any other NICUs...

  1. Hi folks,

    I've recently made the jump from PICU to NICU and have been working in NICU for about a year now. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Omaha next year and I'm just wondering what the NICUs are like over there?

    So far in Omaha, I've been able to track:

    UNMC (looks like Level IIIC with ECMO, do nurses go to deliveries?)

    Creighton (level III?)

    Children's Omaha (Level IIIC, but no deliveries?)

    Bergan Mercy (Level III, but basic?)

    Lakeside Hospital (Level II)

    I work in a pediatric hospital now, but would also like to get some delivery room experience. Any info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   anurseatlast
    UNMC and Children's have excellent large NICU. I have a friend who works @ UNMC and she loves it. They do get called to any deliveries with suspected problems. Both of them get babies flown in from other places (much of Nebraska is rural so they don't have NICU facilities) There is also Methodist Women's Hospital which opened summer 2010 which has a NICU. I have not seen that one and do not know anyone who works there. Bergan's NICU is not as big as the other two. If you are thinking of continuing your education, UNMC also has a nursing school with grad programs and I am sure they pay for some of it or give you a discount on tuition.
  4. by   lovemenursing
    Hey thanks so much for the info! I can't decide whether I want to do PNP or NNP and I know UNMC only does PNP, but I know that Creighton does both...

    I don't see any postings for NICU in Nebraska except for Creighton right now, but I will keep my eyes open! Do you know if they hire at certain times of the year or is it just on an as-needed basis?
  5. by   BPeng
    I am a nursing student (BSN) at UNMC now.. Creighton is the only school that has NNP for a program in Nebraska and they admit on an as needed basis.. Hope this helps.. I am looking at all of the programs for my MSN right now and have been to sooooo many informational meetings. Lol.