UNMC Acceptance Rate?

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    Hello everyone!
    This site and all of it's wonderful users have been a huge help all throughout my pre-nursing schooling. I'm so excited! I FINALLY finished applying to nursing school (6 schools to be exact lol). I've applied to most of the programs in the Omaha, NE area: UNMC, Clarkson, Methodist, Creighton, College of St. Mary and Midland. I'm crossing my fingers for UNMC!
    My question is, what are my chances of getting in? and approximately when should I expect to hear whether I've been accepted or not? (Application deadline is Feb 1st for Fall 2014 start).

    I have:
    3.58 Cumulative GPA
    Weekly Volunteer at TNMC for 1 year
    CPR certified
    Enrolled in CNA certification course

    Has anyone else applied/been accepted to UNMC? I'd love to hear your stories and insight!
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    No one ever replied... BUT! I will follow up anyway for any other people in the future that will be as anxious and excited as I was!
    I just received my acceptance email to the omaha campus this morning!!!! I'm SOOOO excited!!! It was my first choice of campuses too. Hopefully this thread can alleviate someone else's anxiousness in the future by comparing your stats to mine!
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    UNMC sent acceptance emails out today to the Western Nebraska applicants
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    Thank you!!!! I'm ecstatic!!!!
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    Moved to the Nebraska Nursing forum.