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UNMC Accelerated BSN Program

  1. 0 I received an invitation for an interview. Has anyone been interviewed/accepted into UNMC's ABSN Program? If so, can you tell me what I may expect?
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    I have my interview tomorrow so hopefully someone will be able to give us some insight to it!! But good luck to ya!
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    Oh wow! Did you get an early interview? I hope it went well for you because I am a complete bag of nerves. Did they say how many interviews they're doing and/or the # of seats in the program? Good Luck!
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    Hi, my interview date was 11/20. -------------- informed us that about 93 applicants applied to the Ohama location, they interviewed about 52. They will select 32 if I remember correctly. She'd mentioned that they will waitlist about 5-10 depending on the interviews and will deny interviewed applicants or suggest them to apply to the traditional program. I thought my interview went OK, but I felt that the interviewers asked the same question 3 different times... did you guys get that feeling? I couldn't really tell how they felt about my interview, but I remember it being really quick and there was more things we could've talked about, but didn't have enough time. ------------- stated that the committee will make decisions around 12/9 and decisions should be release during that week. Best of luck to all!
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